We are glad to announce that African Mums in Deutschland has a DIRECT HELPLINE. The number is 015227381999

Members can call in at our working times to speak to any of our support staff. They can also book a call back and book meetings on Zoom and Google Meet.

Our Whats App messaging system is also available to all. Members can send What's App messages and audios for inquiries. Although one can message us at all times, if you desire immediate attendance to you query the office times are 9;00 am in the mornings to 6 pm in the evenings.

We have support staff in several different languages available so members can book to speak to someone in the local language of their choice. Apart from the main languages of communication; English and  Deutsch.

The other languages available include French, Ewe, Edo, Twi, Swahili, Kotokoli and Hausa.Book here for any other special issues,call back or to speak to someone on your preferred language.