CELEBRATE WORLD EARTH DAY 2021 with your family during the pandemic


Today is Earth Day, and though every day is technically a good day to be kind to the planet, this is a day to show appreciation and get into new habits if needed.
The theme of this year's Earth Day is "Restore our Earth," and it's all about reducing our environmental footprint and fixing the damage we've already done
There are so many little things we can do to celebrate and help save the Earth with our family. Here are some of them:

Plant something
Trees not only cool things down (collectively, they can help decrease a city's temperature by up to 10 degrees) but they also clean the air and give off more oxygen, among a ton of other benefits. Plant one in your family's garden, or balcony. If you have the space it is also a good idea to plant your own fruits and veggies which will benefit your health and reduce the amount of fossil fuel emissions

Ride your bike
Here in Germany we absolutely love our bicycles since spring here and summer is on its way this is a good time to switch to this transport alternative. Plus it is very healthy and reduces our carbon footprint but get you moving.Challenge kids to a nature scavenger hunt
The best way to build appreciation for nature is getting out there and experiencing it. All you need for an outdoor scavenger hunt is paper, pencil and a clipboard, easy peasy. Leave room for kids to sketch their findings if they'd like. Bonus: Enjoying nature comes with built-in social distancing.

Tune in to support online events commemorating this day
With in-person protests canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Earth Day events are going to be online. Do look out for and tune in to Earth Day events online that may interest you and your family.

Use reusable bags and reducing plastic usage.
Remember to take your reusable bags when you go to the supermarket store. And you and your family can start projects on reducing plastic usage.

Support area business
Besides supporting area businesses, you'll also be helping the Earth by buying your fruits and veggies local. That's because food in the grocery stores travels an average of 1,500 miles to get to you, and all that shipping can cause pollution plus an increase of fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions. When you buy locally, it's transported in shorter distances.

Shop smart for clothes
Want to treat yourself to a new outfit? You can do it in a way that's environmentally friendly! As with any kind of material good, buying something that's already been used is great for the Earth because it doesn't involve new resources. Check out used clothing sites like ebay or vinted to see what kind of cute outfits are available, Check out our community here .We list secondhand items every first and 3rd Saturday in the month.
Spend time outside
Sometimes we can be so caught up in what's happening online that we forget how much fun it is to be outside. Earth Day is just a reminder of how beautiful and awesome our planet is. Take advantage of it! If you have a backyard, spend the afternoon outdoors reading, having lunch, or just taking in deep breaths of the fresh air. If you live in a major city and outdoor spaces are crowded, try going for a walk at an off-hour when the streets are quieter. Just try to spend some time outside and show some love to the amazing place we all call home.

Edited by Maame Dentaa Amoo