What are your options when it comes to mobbing(bullying) in the German Grundschule System?

Unfortunately the Anti Bullying policy here in German Grundschule (Primary) school leaves a lot to be desired. There is often this survival of the fittest attitude and let the kids sort thing out themselves in time. But we know that often enough these things do not sort themselves out and only leads to immense mental and in some cases physical suffering for the victim.So as parents what are your options really? 

Having had that experience as a parent let me just let you know what your options are and how to escalate the situation to get results. 

Step 1

As migrant parents we often try to ignore the situation and hope for change. I will strongly advice that we don't and take every such report seriously.Demand a meeting with the teacher and Social worker( every school has one)

•Go with your notebook take notes. Keep a record of the meeting.Take note of what the teacher said they will do to prevent this

.•Also demand a meeting or contact with the offenders parents. A one on one sit down if possible is best (Although the schools rarely oblige, it is worth the try)If that doesn't work., you can move to step two.

Step 2

Demand a meeting with the school head. 

Send an email copy every one, the teacher and the social worker detailing what has happened and refer them to assurances they gave etc. And ask what they intend to do. • If possible demand a written summary or follow up email of what has been discussed so all parties are clear as to the steps they intend to take to put a stop to this.If that doesn't work,you can move to step three or four.

Step 3

Involve Authorities: 

You can involve: Schulamt, Schulaufsichtsbehörde, Jugendamt. You can find their contact listed online. If it is an issue of racist language you can also contact politicians in your area.

Step 4

Most parents do not know they have the option of making a Polizei Anziege (Police Report) against the parents of the perpetrator .•It will be helpful to have a Mobbing tagesbuch (Journal of bullying experiences) or even report from Kinderarzt of any injuries..

Written by Maame Dentaa Amoo