Domestic Violence Rescue and Advocacy against racism


From our inception we realised that one of the biggest  fighting against domestic violence and racism was going to one of our biggest challenges. We have a very supportive system in our group dedicated to tackle this issues.

Tackling Domestic Violence

Some victims use the anonymous feature provided by Facebook to seek help. Before Facebook carried out this feature, we had a google form, where people can submit their problems anonymously.

Others just do not know where to find and are likely to come to admins to ask for assistance though sometimes our help may come late. That urged us to enforce AMD helpline. It enables to respond fast on any matter.

Most of these are afraid to even report the abuse. We assist them not only with information on their rights and governing law. We also encourage them to lay a charge against their perpetrators. It is done by assisting them to do the report online on the federal state page or offline by accompanying them to the police.

Some victims decided to move out in their assailants' absence, hence we helped these too with the moving out and finding new accommodation or to go to Frauenhaus.

Tackling Racism

Our group is a safe place to discuss issues of Racism. They should be able to comfortably come here and express their pain and experience without others justifying or dismissing it. We therefore have a strict no tolerance position about racism and we allow every experience to be heard

We were privileged to have our stance on  racism was featured on the Facebook  App page