Learning German, Getting your Certificates recognised, Vocational Training


We know that learning German, Getting your Certificates recognised and starting of Vocational Training in Germany can be challenging for migrant women that is why Project Femos is here to help. Project Femos supports the social and professional integration of migrant women in Germany. Check out their website for English speakers here and their Facebook page here. We are also sharing their very helpful infographics about Learning German, Getting your Certificates recognised and Vocational Training in Germany.

Learning German can be a real challenge. Not only in terms of acquisition of the language itself, but it can also be quite a financial burden that takes a lot of time. However, learning German makes a real difference to many factors of life in Germany- from finding work, to dealing with bureaucracy, daily life and community participation. Many non-EU citizens are actually obliged to attend an integration course (which includes language training) as a condition of being granted their residence permits. In some cases, there are possibilities to receive full or partial governmental support to attend an integration or language course. The infographic below breaks down the basics of the various forms of possibilities and support in learning German and you can receive further expert advice on the subject by getting in touch with a Beratungsstelle in your area: https://bamf-navi.bamf.de/en/Themen/Integrationskurse/

Did you know that having the qualifications you attained overseas officially recognised can greatly improve your chances of finding a relevant job in Germany? In some fields, especially regulated ones (i.e. teachers, doctors, nurses etc.), official recognition of qualifications is not only recommended, but necessary. However, even if your profession is not regulated, official recognition can make a considerable difference. We have tried to break down the basics of the qualification recognition process in the infographic below, and for more in-depth information 

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Many people dream of studying in Germany, but did you know, that studying at a tertiary institution for an academic degree is not the only option to attain a qualification in Germany? A "Berufsausbildung" is a fully-accredited, practical, vocational training program which offers hands on experience and qualifications in a variety of different fields and professions. Participants are eligible to receive a temporary residence permit whilst completing vocational training, and on successful completion, there is also the possibility to receive a residence permit for up to a further 12 months for the purposes of finding a relevant job. You can find vocation training courses and places on the following websites: https://www.ihk-lehrstellenboerse.de/


For assistance and information in finding a job: