Mental Health Matters


We actively promote the discussion of mental health issues to remove the stigma and encourage members who are struggling to seek help and provide information on where to seek help. This is why we intend to initiate a project that can assist African women with their mental health struggles in our Group.

We realised that a lot of members do not even know that they are struggling with mental health challenges especially depression. The causes of this are numerous, it can be as a result of  the loneliness and isolation they feel here in Germany, past trauma, prejudices and racial trauma, lack of access to the labour market, and many more

This is why we are formulating a therapy/mentorship program that will assist women overcome.. Our program will look for psychiatrists and psychologists,  who were well exposed to the African community, to provide on- and offline counseling- therapy..

We hope that the Online group therapy will take the form of closed anonymous groups on either Facebook messenger rooms or Zoom where members can talk about their struggles and receive counselling

We also want to actively encourage members to speak out about this issue and receive the needed therapy.