Domestic Violence and Abuse.(DVA)

(Also referred to as Intimate Relationship Violence of Family Abuse.)

It is a crime because it`s impact on society is always some form of damage.

The term;”Domestic”implies a close or intimate relationship between the victim/abused and the abuser/perpetrator.

DVA is Not a Respecter of Persons .It can happen to anyone regardless of Age,Gender;Religious Affiliation,Sexual Orientation,Financial Wealth,Economic Earnings,Educational Level,Ethnicity,Race or Geographical Background,or Social status.

DV is a pattern of Acts and Behaviors of Abuse.The Abuser consciously, desires to control their targeted Victim .They then intentionally and using strategic methods gain power over their victims who are unaware of the plans.

The control and power is aimed at harming,maiming or killing their victims .

Who Are involved?

Domestic Violence and Abuse occurs in a domestic space home and / or within the victims intimate and close circle.It may involve a current or ex :

Marital partner, Live-in partner, Dating partner.

A parent,A Sibling,Own child.

A Relative  or Close friend sharing residence.

The Australian Medical Association in their awareness statement define domestic violence as,”......an Abuse of Power.It is the domination,coercion,intimidation and victimization of one person by another by physical,sexual or emotional means within intimate relationships.”

Why is it very important to address DVA ?

DVA is a global menace.In a field study by the Federal Ministry for  Family,Seniors,Women and Youth from 2004,DVA was portrayed as a  terrifying reality in Germany.Around every fourth woman experiences physical and /or sexual violence from a current or previous relationship partner once in her life.This is scary because it could happen to you or me.

The current Corona crisis poses even greater challenges for most families and partnerships today.This is because of the close proximity for long hours and days between an abuser with an intention to harm,maim or kill and  their victim due to isolation, social distancing ,work and school from home and economic factors.

Abuse is Abuse and there is No Excuse for Abuse.It is very crucial now more than ever,due to fast technology and rapid new abusive trends to educate ourselves about the different forms of domestic abuses, their grievous consequences, how to identify whether one is in an abusive relationship and what are the Red Flags to identify a Narcissistic when dating or in a current relationship .

Compiled by :Charity Wairimu Ngugi-Latz

a Writer/WarriorActivist on DVA.Website:https://www.unmasking-domesticviolence.org

Jane Gitonga Tüschen: Recognized Socialpädagogin.Works with AWO since 2011