Current Projects

We know the struggle of being in Germany and having no help with letters and translations. In as much as we encourage people to learn the language through our free courses. We also don't want to leave women stranded.

During the onset of the pandemic, we realised that a lot of mothers had their courses cancelled in order that they do not fall behind. We also realised that many could not afford expensive private classes this motivated us to organise own free online classes. It ran from January 2021 to April 2021.It was extremely successful and life changing for...

AMD Helpline


We have a dedicated helpline that allows members to call through normal call or whats app. We provide a listening ear to members on various topics, provide information and assistance. This has been our greatest wish for the longest time since we realised how important it was for our community.

In addition to supporting our members with information about business in Germany with our topic of the day, we went the extra mile to build a Facebook messenger support group where we share ideas and information on 'Selbstständigkeit in Deutschland.

Experience is the best teacher that is why on our talk shows and live info sessions we invite experts and members who have first hand information or can share their opinion,

From our inception we realised that one of the biggest fighting against domestic violence and racism was going to one of our biggest challenges. We have a very supportive system in our group dedicated to tackle this issues.

Information for integration and success : On all platforms, we share useful information on the life in Germany.We treat topics daily that affect the lives of our members in Germany.


Career and educational advice and mentorship has always been one of the highest priorities of our support group. We have a regular day dedicated to this (Career, education and business Monday) and have collaborated with various partners to educate our members on this topic. Going forward we would like to initiate a project that will mentor members...

We actively promote the discussion of mental health issues to remove the stigma and encourage members who are struggling to seek help and provide information on where to seek help. This is why we intend to initiate a project that can assist African women with their mental health struggles in our Group.


Following the success of our first offline even we decided to hold another one in Frankfurt on the,10 August 2019, at Ratsweg 10,.Just as the previous one .We organised everything on our Facebook group, from location, food, activities for both Mums and the kids, everyone contributed to the successful meet up,

We decided to hold our first ever offline event during the summer meeting in Düsseldorf, NRW on the 09.06.2019, It was held at Freizeitpark Ulenberg .We organised everything on our Facebook group, from location, food, activities for both Mums and the kids, everyone contributed to the successful meet up,

Co operation Partners / Network

Samssia Coaching

Is run by our Admin Saboussietou Tchazawa, known as Admin Chamsiya. It provides independent coaching and consultation among others to our member. Answers actively members questions on career, family and live in Germany. Moreover, Samssia Coaching offers regular live info sessions and interviews to professionals in the group.

Love from Africa

Support us offline with our members who live in Nord Rhine-Westphalia, specifically in the Rhine Ruhr areas where people will need the physical presence of a social worker or interpreter that is culturally sensitive. They accompany member to authority offices and translate what being said, assist them for Intervention culturally and help in matter of social benefits such as Job center application.

Godfred Schulz Consulting

 has been active online and offline in providing programs concerning financial literacy and financial counselling especially for women when they have problems with financial education in Germany.

AG career Hub

Partners with us offline to provide information about career and educational opportunities. They educate our members on job opportunities in Germany. While, online they are active supporters of the platform by answering any raised question on career and education in Deutschland.

Pajoma e.V

Both online and offline Pajoma e.V provides answers to any members questions and also help in special cases concerning domestic violence and Child Protection Services. They consult and support women who have these issues around Köln area.


has been particularly helpful when it comes to mentorship; it has featured us several times. It enabled us to reach a broader audience.

Mkenya Ujerumani

Is a well-known website and resource for Africans in Germany. We have been enjoying their help offline. By providing us information counselling, especially for special cases such as immigration and educational opportunities in Germany.

Sonnenblumen Community development e.V

 is actively involved in health and wellness. It has partners with us on Health and Wellness tailored for Black women needs. They donated multiple times to support our causes

A lot of their programs are appealing to AMD members and is key partner for strengthening African women and their family's well-being.


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